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Monday, September 25, 2006

A Couple of new Interests

I've recently added a couple of lizards to my animal family, mostly to keep my cat Musashi company, but I find myself laying down in front of the enclosure with them watching them in equal fascination as the little guys move about finding good spots to sleep and grabbing a bite to eat now and then. Neither of them were over an inch long when I collected them, so very young, I’m sure. They’re learning about me, Musashi and our world as I learn about them. They’re really mesmerizing little guys.

I made an enclosure out of an old mid-sized fish tank and filled it with a similar environment to where I caught them. I’d actually created the miniature ecosystem a few years back with the originally thought of doing this, but never went through with it, so now the bio-system is fully mature and looks surprisingly realistic. It basically looks like a diminutive canyon from the Mediterranean area (which is what our climate and vegetation type here is called). My cat now spends nearly all his waking hours lying near the enclosure watching his new friends. I will, of course, return my new little friends back to nature soon, so that they can live out their lives as intended, but with a memory of something extraordinary that happened early in their young lives, something few of their peers will be able to comprehend. They’ll probably both be thought of as just a little eccentric.

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