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Monday, September 25, 2006

Kayak Fishin'

My new hobby; not only for the pleasure of getting out on the ocean off the coast of La Jolla, California, but for the great workout it gives me. You'd have to feel the joy of sliding along on a glass surface, with the underwater world going on just below you to know what I'm talking about. I started by just spending time paddling a sit-inside kayak, but then got into kayak fishing, on a sit-on-top kayak. I'm not a fisherman by nature, really don't much like the idea of pulling little animals out of their natural habitat, but there's just something about kayak fishing that seems so natural. You have to find and catch the small bait that you will eventually use to catch the larger fish. There are no motors, nothing, just you and the ocean, and a bunch of smart fish that don't want to be your dinner. Something very primordal about it. I was a vegetarian for nearly all my life, and still don't buy meat from a supermarket, but catching a fish to feed myself is a rightous thing and I always give a prayer for the life that I take.

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