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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Nothing Asian about it

But just a wonderful view of the diversity of this great country of ours. I think you'll enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

A few viewers of this video and their comments:

Our Children
5/5 stars 10/07/2006by ipenavs

What a beautiful way to depict the diversity that the United States truely represents. Someone asked, who's child will you choose to represent the USA? My thought is that you have already chosen that child. It is everyone one of the children you have already photographed. Isn't this, who are?
A refreshing snapshot of innocence!
1/5 stars 10/07/2006by zgheza1

What a refreshing snapshot of innocence!! Children are not able to come into the world with an agenda other than innocence. They build on life's experience from their own interaction with experience. Thank you for allowing these beautiful children and their families the opportunity to have this memory to add to their building block called life! I hope to see a Maltese child, since I am of Maltese descent - and like all children - Maltese children are very beautiful! Please excuse my rating!! I meant it to be 5 stars and was not able to go back and correct it. Terri - MAryland, USA

5/5 stars 10/07/2006by f0xybr0wn_18

It's so amazing to see how small our world really is. It definitely shows how diverse America really is to see so many faces representing so many places. No matter what you say or think about our Country/Government as a whole. You can definitely see something here - diversity - that you don't see in other countries. This is a wonderful project!
NYChildren Photography Project
5/5 stars 10/07/2006by donlordrealestate

Fabulous!!!!!!!! We are so blessed to have so many perspectives in our country. We get to learn so many things from each other that people from less diverse countries do. Great job, Danny.
tears to eyes
5/5 stars 10/07/2006by ggn329

As a teacher, I get to see the beauty and innocence of children everyday of my life, even on weekends when I spend a lot of ime with my son, brother, and niece. This video is so full of love, not only by the children, but also by the proud and loving parents in the video. I really look forward to seeing the finished product. Who will you photograph as the USA child? God Bless you and your project.
My Ellohim Bless you for you work!
5/5 stars 10/07/2006by usfali19

In times like these where children are living the streets and the daughters of mothers are broad fighting wars of men are being left without a future generation. I think from time to time what America (Bush) is doing to the future generations of the “worlds” children by dropping two ton bombs on a city of civilians, didn’t “Americans” learn form Hiroshima? Mr. Goldfield’s art (photography) work is a gift (talent) and it shows through the work that he cares. The artists are the architects of creativity (originality) who have the gift to human understanding. Humanity today must reach a level of moral consciousness were greed should ever be at the expense of a child. We need to teach that charity is away of thinking without expecting a return for the purpose of wanting to share (educate) with others Thanks Mr. Goldfield, you have done just that! P.S. I would love to come to your opening event! Dr. Yusuf Ali al-Irshad San Francisco, CA
5/5 stars 10/07/2006by abbeyco2005

This video is so great. Children are so innocent and are not yet open (we hope not yet) to the racism and prejudices out there. Its so beautiful to see so many children, are gorgeous in their own way, interacting with eachother, and having fun, unaware of the differences that adults find faults with. As a speech therapist who has worked with children from several different countries, I have learned that children are all the same and treat eachother the same regardless of color or ethnicity. Perhaps children should be teaching adults rather than vice versa. GOOD WORK!
Eye opener;
5/5 stars 10/07/2006by bobbie_esters

Danny, thank you for opening the eyes of everyone in this country. This country was not made by one single race, but by many. The true people of this land are the American Indians, but yet they welcomed us. Innocents is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is the children,,they are our future. God made everyone different for a reason, so we could learn from each other. If you cut us, we all bleed the same color, if you hit us, it hurts just the same. We all cry the same tears, and laugh the same laugh. These children represent each and every one of us. If these children can get along and not judge each other, then why can't we? Thank you Danny for opening my eyes to the true America. Good luck on this project, I hope you succeed in this.
The Spirit moves through them to you. Thank you
5/5 stars 10/07/2006by pi_rex1

I read someone said "it brought tears to their eyes." Well, I think it is the onion I am holding that's making my eyes water. Wait a minute, I am holding a tomato not an onion. It must be this then. It's one of those things you think, "Why didn't I think of that?" Seeing the innocence in those children's eyes one wonders, where do we go wrong from here? I see my daughter forming instant friendships on the playground every time and I wonder, why can't we teach them to go on loving life and one another? I sincerely pray that your project gets to glorify the human spirit beyond your imagination. It is touching to see a celebration of life and I will look out for a picture of a child from the Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi. "Bless your eyes and may your dreams come true with the rising of the morning sun." Thank you and God bless. ~EPN~
GOOD Presents: NYChildren photography Project
5/5 stars 10/07/2006by melanne5354

Absolutely beautiful ! The photographer did an excellent job of capturing the innocent of purity in its integrity without any interruption of background music. His story and point came across very well. I applaud him for this endeavor of enlightenment. May there be more of us like him.

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