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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Woman shot by Chinese military was a 17 year old nun - good job men.

Do you remember that story a couple of posts ago titled "Don't watch this video", which was a video showing some innocent unarmed Tibetans being shot by ruthless Chinese soldiers. Well now news comes out of Tibet that one of the young pilgrims shot and killed was a 17 year old nun (Click the title of this post to see the article). The Chinese government is acting like barbaric bastards and you know what: NO ONE IS GOING TO DO A DAMN THING ABOUT IT. After all, we don't want to interrupt the flow of the Chinese products that lined our shelves, that are manufactured in slave labor camps. DO WE? So we'll sit by and watch while an innocent young woman is shot to death while trying to get to her spiritual leader for prayers. JESUS CHRIST - people WAKE UP. Their guns will be pointing at you next time. Do you hope someone comes to protect you?

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