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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Incredible Artistic Creativity out of Asia

I'm always on the lookout for works of genus on the web, whether it be in video, photography, web design, whatever. And I’m always looking into new tools that can make it happen for me. Adobe Flash is one of those tools. This product has been around for a long, long time, but only within the last couple of years has it come into its own. That’s when Adobe wisely acquired Macromedia, who’d had it in development and usage for quite a few years. You all have the player built into your browser; although some of you might need to download a newer version, or turn on scripting to allow the content to be seen.

New sites are coming along all the time using this technology, and some of the most exciting stuff is coming out of Japan and South Korea. Check out this site from Japan. When you open this page (assuming that your Flash add-in is properly working), you’ll see two zebras. Explore around and click any where you like, but first try clicking on the EXPERIENCE UNIQLO EXPLORER box on the zebra to the right. The page you’ll get is actually made up of their clothing product line. Hover your mouse over any square and see a product. Is this cool, or what? Maybe too cool for some, but this is the wave of the future. The young people growing up with this technology will expect this kind of experience out of every site they visit. And now maybe so will you. Here’s the link!

I'll keep this site link to the Japanese Links of Interest section on the right side of this page (under Incredible Artistic Creativity out of Asia) so you can always find it. And I'll be bringing you more of this kind of creative web artistry, as I find it. Keep in touch.


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