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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Stairs of Balboa Park

It seems like every time I walk through Balboa Park, something new stands out, wanting to be photographed. Sometimes it’s the plants, other times the architecture, and other times just the arches.

But yesterday, it was the stairs. As any photographer will tell you, stairs are a tricky subject to photograph. It’s the angles, plain and simple. A photo is basically a box, either square or rectangle, and the problem with stairs is that it’s nearly impossible to get all the lines lined up, if you will. The same thing is true when taking pictures of nearly any architecture; buildings, walls, or really anything with straight lines. Landscape photographers don’t face the same problem; they have their own, but stairs will always have those darn straight lines. Guess it’d be pretty tricky to climb them if they didn’t though.

Enjoy! PS - As usual, these photos are just how the camera took them, with the exception of a few that had to be realigned or straightened.

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