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Friday, February 02, 2007

Modern Chinese Art

I haven't put up anything from my Chinese art collection for awhile, so I dug back through the archives for a small sampling. I hope these will inspire you to search out some of your own.

Below are a couple of modern Chinese watercolors, one from just before the turn of the century, the other just after, that stand out for the bold colors so unlike the paintings of previous centuries.

These oils of the young, wide eyed northern Chinese girl have always shocked me with the depth of expression and feeling I get looking at them. I see in her a wisdom well beyond her years, or perhaps an awareness that this bleak landscape where generations of her family have lived and toiled is where she'll die. I feel she wants something more.

As I said, just a small taste. I'll put up more as I have time. Next up will be a group from my Japanese Floral Poppy Art collection. Enjoy.

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